Since the launch of Disney Plus in late 2019, one of the streaming service’s greatest hits has been Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Few original shows have been as popular as this one since the VOD service’s inception, though it has continued to leave its mark with properties like Marvel and Star Wars since then.

But from the beginning, the show has had a “handicap” in that its star, Lance Reddick, also well-known for The Wire and John Wick, died before it was released. This is no little thing since Reddick portrays Percy Jackson’s Zeus, the archetypal Greek mythological figure. As the producer stated at the time, his contribution was important to the production, so they wanted to honour him appropriately.


With deep affection for Lance Reddick

Finally, after a lengthy wait, Zeus appears in action in the final chapter of the series. A memorable sequence that will reverberate throughout the season is Reddick’s character, dressed in a suit, engaging Percy (Walker Scobell) in a brilliant dialectical confrontation.


The first portion of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover’s journey to stop the conflict between the gods of Olympus comes to a close as the season culminates at the pinnacle, living up to its title, “The prophecy comes true.”

The show honors the actor’s memory just before the closing credits, when this eventually occurs. The words “In loving memory of Lance Reddick” emerge on a sign, a touching remembrance that expresses how much Disney Plus is mourning the actor’s passing and how much the show adored him.


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